Thursday, March 10, 2011

High Touch & High Impact

High Touch & High Impact! This is what the 2011 Chamber of Commerce is committed to! We are committed to growing the Economic Development of our region. We try and communicate the most important information to our members. Through Community & Economic Development we are constantly looking to bring new business to our area and highlight our community members that have been around developing and growing for over 36 years.  We have numerous events to look forward to! Listed below are just a few. Have you noticed a change in the Medians down 1960? The Green Medians teams has worked hard to implement a safer more aesthetically pleasing 1960 corridor. Click on the Green Medians website for more information and for the opportunity to donate to help reach our goal! Check out more information on our website! Hope your business is doing well! Remember the Chamber is here for you!

Houston Northwest Chamber Website

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